Robo Boogie

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Hello out there, blog fans (yes, Phil and Pavel, I’m talking to you)!

What a long time it’s been since our last blog! Never fear, a new wave of blog euphoria has swept the “man ALIVE” office and we intend to blast you with a barrage of blog-type ammunition every day for the foreseeable future. We’re even about to set up a new youtube channel that will provide little easter eggs for you, yes YOU, to check out as you read. Isn’t that special?

Today, Stu and I are deliberating over some ideas for our new project with the Scottish Social Work department. The aim is to communicate the Codes of Practice in an entertaining way, and we’ve finally all agreed that the best way to do this is to bring a very small robot into the mix. If you have any ideas for funny scenarios involving little robots, feel free to send them our way, although we’ll nick them and use them, so be warned!

One of the reasons we’ve taken so long to blog again is that we’ve been away in Poland, which was INCREDIBLE! If you’d like to hear about why, or you just want some banter, please add us on facebook (stu/liam) or twitter (stu/liam) or both, and send us a wee message.

In the meantime, here’s a couple of our most recent sketches to keep you occupied…

Much love!


P.S. When you say someone is still “green”, you know, like a “rookie”, is it because bananas are green when they’re not ripe? curious…

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Tax Doesn’t Have to be Taxing, but it F***ing is!

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Tax is a flaming (that’s the starred-out word in the title, obviously) nuisance! This week we finally caught up on a year’s worth of “book-keeping”, and sent off some forms to the inland revenue, who were trying to fine us £100 (each!) for not filling in yet ANOTHER form they’d never sent us or even told us about! Every form was as pointless as the next one and contained the EXACT same information. One even started with our business name and tax reference number, then proceeded to ask for our business name and tax reference. Twice!

My tax fury was so intense that I had to let Stu take over for a little bit while I went outside to smash a bin lid to pieces with a spanner.

Still, some good news as Matt, Ben and Buscemi will finally be making it to the small screen sometime in the next couple of weeks on Paramount Comedy. We actually cringe watching it now, but it’s still exciting!

Below is another of our recent sketches. We’ve been firing out 3 a week, so keep checking to stay up-to-date. Like all sketch stuff, these are pretty hit-or-miss, but let us know what you think! Constructive criticism is always welcome, and even insults can be funny.

Catch you later.


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Animal Art

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Hey man ALIVErs,

Stu again here with another sweet blog. If you read yesterday’s post then you’ll have tried to check out the websites I mentioned because they sound way cool. Unfortunately due to technical issues the websites aren’t working. I can only apologise but perhaps this will make up for it.

Watch this!

Peace and love x


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January 24, 2008 at 11:55 am (News, Office Thoughts) (, , , , , , )


That, dear readers, is the victorious ‘item acquire’ jingle from the incredible Legend of Zelda series. And why would man, alive be needing such victory noises?

Why only because we’ve won a place on Pocket Short’s funding winners for 2008.
Better than a gold rupee any day.

This is obviously exciting and exhilarating news, as it means we can commence production on an episodic, hilarious mini series that will *highly* involve yer mobile phone. So stay tuned for more!

As the man, ALIVE resident artist, one of the things that really excites me is games. Videogames, specifically, and before you stop reading, hear me out: games, when crafted properly, can be as beautiful, powerful and memorable as any book or movie, and moreso, can grip you in a way those former media cannot.

Over the next wee while I’m going to use this opportunity to highlight and explain some of my faves, but for now I’m going to give you a smidgen of screenies from ones I really love.

Thanks for reading and keep checking back (and our main site) for new projects, updates and hijinks aplenty.

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