Tax Doesn’t Have to be Taxing, but it F***ing is!

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Tax is a flaming (that’s the starred-out word in the title, obviously) nuisance! This week we finally caught up on a year’s worth of “book-keeping”, and sent off some forms to the inland revenue, who were trying to fine us £100 (each!) for not filling in yet ANOTHER form they’d never sent us or even told us about! Every form was as pointless as the next one and contained the EXACT same information. One even started with our business name and tax reference number, then proceeded to ask for our business name and tax reference. Twice!

My tax fury was so intense that I had to let Stu take over for a little bit while I went outside to smash a bin lid to pieces with a spanner.

Still, some good news as Matt, Ben and Buscemi will finally be making it to the small screen sometime in the next couple of weeks on Paramount Comedy. We actually cringe watching it now, but it’s still exciting!

Below is another of our recent sketches. We’ve been firing out 3 a week, so keep checking to stay up-to-date. Like all sketch stuff, these are pretty hit-or-miss, but let us know what you think! Constructive criticism is always welcome, and even insults can be funny.

Catch you later.



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More Quality Sketches

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Hey there bloggie wogs,

I wanted to make sure all our viewers are getting their fill of man ALIVE quality entertainment so I thought it would be a treat to post another couple of sketches Liam and I have been working on so far this week. Unfortunately due to some terrible goings on in the man ALIVE office we have been unable to finish any sketches at all.

Instead here are a couple of videos that show the terrible events this week in the office. Fortunately the cameras were rolling as the action happened. That’s because man ALIVE understand the importance of always being prepared.

O.k enjoy the videos.

Love and peace,

Stu x

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New Comedy

March 6, 2009 at 1:18 pm (News) (, , , , , )

Hey blog junkies,

been a busy week at man alive, so unfortunately i didn’t get to interview a kangaroo BUT I WILL, however not this week. hopefully next week. Just keep tuned in for it.

We decided this week that we are going to make 3 sketches a week and post them on youtube and probably on here as well, so make sure you have a look and tell us what you think. We expect some of them to be a little crazy, but just trying to experiment

Love and Peace, enjoy the sketches! (only got two this week so far but are filming one this avo)


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Crushing Blow

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Hey people who read our blogs,

A fairly stinging defeat for the man ALIVE guys today. We entered Empire magazine’s “Done in 60 Seconds” competition, (remake a famous film, make it last 60 seconds), which we did quite well in last year (top 10).

Well, results are in and man ALIVE were asked to stay at home again this year, not making it into the top 5, or even the top 13. So thats pretty bad, but pair it with the fact one of the top 5 films was made by another Dundee film maker, and you can probably tell we’re feeling a bit down. Of course we’re happy for the success of the other Dundee guys and their film Roverfield, and i’ll be voting for them to win for sure, flying the Dundee banner and all that.

Check out Cloverfield/Roverfield at:

here’s ours. Hope you enjoy them.


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