“You Can Write, But You Can’t Edit… Edit… Edit…”

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That’s a lyric from a track by Regina Spektor, who is probably my favourite artist at the moment. She’s amazing! If you’ve never heard her before, you should check her out on spotify or something immediately. Here’s one of her songs on youtube…

See what I mean?

Anyways! The reason I’m going on about Regina is because Stu and I (and a few of our chums, including Phil “Nosferatu” Mcardle and Josh Liandu of Our Future Glory) went to see her live at the O2 Academy in Glasgow. She was phenomenal. Favourite songs on the night included “Apres Moi”, “Poor Little Rich Boy”, “Samson” and “Us”. To be honest though, she performed them all excellently, and her band (consisting of a drummer, violinist and cellist) were all top-notch musicians.

However, back to reality today in the office – we’re just editing a panto that we filmed for the Dundee Social Work the other night. We’ve filmed it the last three times so we’re pretty used to it by now. Okay, it’s not exactly living the Hollywood dream, but doing these kind of things is what keeps us going financially so we can’t complain! It’s an idea if you’re interested in film-making to have a go at filming live events for money. The experience of cutting things together afterwards can help you learn a lot about editing, which, if you’re making films on a low budget and doing everything yourself, is really going to come in handy. Also, the money can go towards important equipment/resources you’ll need for making your first few films.

That’s all I’ve got for you today! But stay tuned for some far more useful blogs in the near future…


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Not As Funny As Limmy?

February 26, 2009 at 4:36 pm (Mis-Adventures, News) (, , , , , , , , , )

Hi man ALIVE fans, Stu here!

Its been aaaaa(ages)aaa long time since I last blogged, I usually let my employee Liam do all the company communications whilst I attend to more important matters like photoshopping moustaches, monacles and pipes onto the faces of well known animal stars. Feel free to check these out at http://www.highbrow-animalhumour.com or http://www.pets-of-sherlockholmes.com

Anyway, its been an incredible day for man ALIVE Studios today. We took an early morning road trip through to Dundee’s west-coast big sister, Glasgow and visited some very nice people at The Comedy Unit, (producers of Chewing the Fat and Rab C Nesbit) to talk a bit about our blossoming careers. To put it bluntly, and that is how it was put to us, we’ve got nothing. Its true, we made one comedy piece that won a competition a year ago, and have somehow been given the opportunity to talk to top industry people about…US!

“You’re not the best, but you’re not the worst” is a phrase that was used, most graciously and honestly, in our meeting this morning, but despite being no further forward in our attempts to achieve Andy Millmanism (check out extras for the reference), we couldn’t be more excited about our future in Comedy.

And this is great for all our viewers too because we’ve realised just how much more quality entertainment we need to produce in order to break through. So I’m starting by getting everyone geared up for a daily stream of man ALIVE blogging and twittering.

You MUST check us out. Comment us and we’ll get back to you and when we get big you can show your friends that you were there in the beginning!

Alright, peace and love


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Long Way Home

February 20, 2008 at 8:11 pm (Mis-Adventures, News) (, , , , , , , , , )

Last week, “man, ALIVE Studios” went to Glasgow to film some contemporary dance antics.

The filming went fine and we were all set to head home. Little did we know that Glasgow was very like the thunderdome in “MAD MAX 3”, but even more sinister;

“Two men enter, no man leaves.”

This is the story of those two men…

Long Way Home

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Good times? I’m not so sure…


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