Your Precious Blood!

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Last week was a good ‘un for the “man alive” gang!

It was competitions galore as James headed to an interview for this year’s “Pocket Shorts” (we got short-listed, woohoo!), we brainstormed three entries for the “done in 60 seconds” competition in Empire magazine, and another for the SIE 60 second shorts competition. We also completed work on a DVD of last year’s panto for the Social Work department of Dundee Council, lined up a couple of other things and filmed one of the entries for “done in 60 seconds”.

The idea for “done in 60 seconds” is to re-make a well-known film in (you guessed it) 60 seconds. We’re gonna do one each. This week we filmed my one, “Nosferatu”. Below you can see the magical moment when Phil (man alive’s good friend and whipping boy) dons the strangely condom-like bald cap to become Count Orlock.

Phil Becomes Orlock!

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In other news, I re-watched Aliens vs Predator last night! I know it’s a terrible film but some part of me just can’t help enjoying seeing an Alien and a Predator go head to head! It’s awesome! Maybe the new one will be good? Okay, it won’t. But I’m gonna go see it anyway!

I’ve added this video below for the banter. It’s a really amazing Batman fan-film. Anyone who knows me knows I’m disturbingly into Batman, so I might’ve put this on for that reason alone, but you’ll see how it ties in by the end. Enjoy!


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